Spring Home Trends

Spring Home Trends

When it comes to spring home trends, a good way to find out what the latest and greatest trends are is to check out your favorite home improvement and home decor websites. See what their lead photos are and you’ll have a first-hand look at what designers are doing. From our research, spring home trends are looking to follow the current styles with bright colors, fun patterns, and many textures. While the classic all-white feel isn’t totally out the door, homeowners gladly welcome some bright pops of color into their homes!

Pops of Color

Hues of green and blue seem to be making the circuit right now. Bright and bold cabinets add a bright spot, while gold matte hardware finishes the look. Unique color choices are a great way to show off your personality and what better room in the house to do that than the hub?! If you aren’t sure you want to fully commit to a bright color for all of the cabinets, try just the bottom row and stick with the classic white or even open shelving for the top row.

Natural Wood

If you can’t commit to a color for the cabinets you aren’t alone! Natural wood is coming back into the picture for home cabinetry! Lighter woods tend to appeal more to modern homeowners, while darker woods are often seen in farmhouse-style homes. The warm colors and sleek lines give off a modern or cozy feel without leaving the kitchen feeling cold and harsh. Adding texture to the wood is another great way to show off your personality and add a little funk to the space.

Practical Storage

With cabinetry being so versatile, it’s easy to add storage to previously unused nooks and crannies. Pull-out spice racks next to the stove and drawer organizers are becoming increasingly common, and we are here for it.

Gold Hardware

For the second year in a row, gold is a popular choice for hardware! Not the glossy gold from the 90’s – we’re sticking with matte gold. Large handles, round pulls, and even faucets are getting a golden facelift.

Bringing the Outside In

Utilizing natural light and green plants in the home is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Not only is this a scientifically proven way to feel more relaxed, but it also looks amazing!

Layered Bedding

This is both a cozy and beautiful bedroom staple. Adding blankets on top of a thick duvet is a great way to add dimension to your bedroom. This is also a great way to add more color to neutral bedding, or an easy way to calm down a busy or bright-patterned duvet.

Minimalist Furniture

Nothing new here! Basic side tables are still where it’s at. White, neutral wood or even acrylic tables seem to pop up most frequently when shopping for bedroom furniture.

Earthy Colors

Even the slate-colored bathroom has pulled earth tones. When wanting to draw in color, you don’t necessarily have to go with bright oranges or yellow…although we aren’t opposed to that either! These bathrooms all have color but are just in muted tones. Notice what else all of these photos have in common…

Indoor Plants

This trend has been holding firm for the last year and we love it. There’s nothing quite like the natural beauty of plants and the added health benefits are a plus! If you are afraid of knocking over a pot (or if you have little kids who love dirt!), consider a hanging plant or two

Tile Accents

The biggest change from a few years ago definitely lies in the use of fun tiles. In the past, it has been a daring move to put patterned or colored tiles on the floor or in the shower. Now, designers are taking it one step further and adding fun tiles to the wall. Full walls, shoulder-rail, and even just accent walls are tiled with colored and printed tiles. Depending on the type of tile, this trend can put you over budget in a heartbeat, so be sure you are in love with what you pick!

Following Spring Home Trends…Or Not…!

The ever-changing landscape of home styles can be hard to keep up with. Our tip? Pick out something that is only slightly different than what was popular in years past. For example, the gold hardware. It has always been a go-to in home design, the only thing that has changed is the finish. Natural wood and natural light are also no-brainers!

What other home trends do you love? For that matter, what do you hate? Let us know!

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