Round Top Real Estate was founded in 1988 by Charlotte and Grover Hillbolt, who had previously owned a farm in Round Top since 1962–back when only a few Houstonians had found their way to the rolling hills of South Central Texas. After establishing their company, the Hillbolts continuously offered their professional knowledge and experience, providing the foundation for the overwhelming success of Round Top Real Estate.

Today, Round Top Real Estate is owned by a trio who are passionate about country living with several decades of real estate experience between them. Frank Hillbolt, the son of Charlotte and Grover, joined his parent’s company in 2002. Lisa Mayer began her career with Round Top Real Estate in 1996. Lisa and her husband are 5th generation Round Top residents. Lilla Blackburn-Sivek, whose career includes time with Martha Turner Properties and John Daugherty Realtors in Houston, joined Round Top Real Estate soon after making a permanent move to Round Top in 2008. Together, this management team and their 25 realtors work diligently to assist those seeking the joy of a small town setting and the beauty of a quiet country evening.

he agents at Round Top Real Estate are all full-time professionals who make Round Top and the surrounding counties their home. Not only are they licensed realtors, but many have earned special real estate designations. They are uniquely experienced in understanding all of the facets of country properties, including land development, land management, agricultural and wildlife exemptions, mineral estates, and 1031 exchanges. While serving Fayette County is their main focus, they also serve Colorado, Lee, Austin, and Washington counties. “One thing we always say about ourselves is, ‘We live here, we work here, we have fun here,’” said Lisa. The agents at Round Top Real Estate know the area and they can help their clients make the transition from urban to rural life and get the most out of their new home.

Residents of the area are able to have the benefits, privacy, and community of a small town, without having to sacrifice the conveniences of the city with Brenham, La Grange, and Giddings all so close by. The advancement of technology has also helped make clients’ transition simpler. Technology allows people the opportunity to continue with their job while still being able to enjoy a small town atmosphere and a more peaceful lifestyle. “You can have your city life in the country and without the hassle,” said Lilla.

As Round Top and the surrounding communities grow a new generation is seeking the same solitude as those before them. Younger families in their mid-twenties living in large cities are buying weekend homes in the area so that their kids have a place to run and play outside. “We’re seeing a lot of people who are able to make that investment very young, and they’re actually doing it because they want a better life for their families,” said Lisa.

More people are investing in the area and more events are being formed each year for the benefit of the residents, and the people who work and live in the area. For those who are looking for weekend homes, entertainment tends to be the biggest attraction–and the Round Top area certainly isn’t lacking. There’s Winedale, Festival Hill, numerous restaurants, many community events, and live music every weekend. In fact, Frank’s band, The Black Cat Choir, performs in town frequently. The event that really put the town of Round top on the map nationally and international is the Round Top Antique Show. The Huge event occurs the first weekend in April and October every year. Families that move to the area full-time also have the benefits of Round Top’s location at the center of a hub of public and private schools and preschools within a reasonable distance for their children to attend. They can choose from several schools in La Grange, Round Top, Carmine, Fayetteville, and Brenham. These schools also have smaller class sizes, meaning that the children receive more attention than they would at a larger school. Round Top is the smallest town in Texas with a full service library. The Round Top Family Library is a great resource for the entire community.

Frank brings an interesting take to the business because he and his family had bought their local farm in the 1960s, so while he isn’t a native to Round Top, he grew up in the area on weekends. Lilla’s family bought their farm in the area in 1976 when she was a little girl. “The best times we ever had were here in Fayette County,” she said. It is these kinds of memories and experiences that the team at Round Top Real Estate strive to help their clients achieve for themselves. The personal service that they provide and their presence before and after the sale speak volumes about their dedication and commitment to each client. For the agents, it’s more about their relationship with their client than the sale itself.

Lisa said, “I sold to one lady two years ago and she called me the other day needing the name of a chimney sweep. She said, ‘Lisa, I know you can get that for me!’” Clients are moving to an area that they’re not familiar with, so they’re looking for a relationship and someone that they can rely on for a little bit of help transitioning after the initial move. Another client said, “We had to find who delivers the butane and who to call to clean out the septic tank or level our uneven little farmhouse. There’d be power outages and questions for the County Extension Agent but, like Waldo, where in the world is he? Over the months that followed, we’d share our confused looks and respond in the same way: ‘I don’t know, let’s call Lisa!’”

Many of the realtors at Round Top Real Estate have moved to the area from cities like Houston, so they completely understand what it’s like. In fact, a couple of them even formed a coffee group just so the newcomers could get used to the area. In Round Top, the Ladies’ Lunch Bunch was formed for the same reasons. Today, over 50 ladies attend the monthly gatherings. This kind of personalized care is completely unique to small towns, and is something that clients simply wouldn’t find in major cities.

“You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want to be. If you want to stay home and rock on your porch, you can do that. You can volunteer at Festival Hill or Winedale if you want,” said Lilla. “It’s such a rich area. It’s not your typical rural Texas,” said Lisa. Imagine Mayberry, North Carolina with a little bit of sophistication, and that’s what you get with Round Top. Even thirty minutes away in Brenham, the music scene is evolving and that is attracting a whole new group of people. For a rural area, it’s very rich in cultural aspects as well as history. At Henkel Square, there is a collection of historic buildings that have all been repurposed into restaurants, event venues, art galleries, and even a one-of-a-kind pie shop. There is an active area historical society, which is impressive to find in a town as small as Round Top.

Visitors are encouraged to stop by their office at 101 Main Street in Round Top or 103 N Main Street in La Grange, visit, or give them a call at (979) 249-5732 to check out the available listings that could be perfect for their family’s needs and desires.