Fayette County – Round Top | Carmine | Winedale

With it’s one-square mile and population of 90, ROUND TOP is the smallest incorporated towns in the state of Texas. Festival Hill, a concert venue known throughout the world, calls ROUND TOP home, as does the oldest ongoing 4th of July parade west of the Mississippi . Twice yearly, ROUND TOP is the proud host to one of the largest antique shows in the country.

The history of Round Top would not be complete without mention of the three women responsible for many of the historical homes and buildings found in the area. Together, Ima Hog, Hazel Ledbetter and Faith Bybee helped create an appreciation and a market for Texas crafts and furniture in the 1960’s. It is their effort that have set a high standard for future collections. With it’s prime location – equidistance from Austin (the state capital) and Houston (the nation’s 4th largest city) – ROUND TOP is also popular destination for weekend enjoyment, a second home or the perfect place to retire from the noise and traffic of the city.

The quaint community of CARMINE sprawls across each side of Highway 290 with charming bed and breakfasts, antique shops, art galleries, dessert shops and the best steakhouse around! CARMINE is home to the Texas Basketball Museum and the award-winning Round Top-Carmine High School with its state champion women’s volleyball team. Locals, as well as those traveling the busy highway, enjoy a stop at Muehlbrad-Albers City Park, complete with benches, picnic tables and playground equipment for children.

The community of WINEDALE began around 1870 and in 1879, after farmers began cultivating grapes, a post office was granted the name WINEDALE. Philanthropist Ima Hogg, purchased the property in the early 1960’s and an extensive restoration program was undertaken to restore the historic buildings. In 1965, Hogg donated the land and buildings to the University of Texas to be used as an outdoor museum and study center. Since 1971, the large barn has been home to Shakespeare at Winedale, a six-week performance workshop where students bring Shakespeare to life through performances. Watching the sunset over Lake Winedale while listening to the coyotes off in the distance, can becomes the perfect ending to a day in the country.

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