Your Front Porch

Your Front Porch

A welcoming front porch is a key staple for any southern home. Whether that means going as extravagant as a dining table with seating for friends, or keeping it as simple as a welcome mat and small plant, there are numerous ways to amp up the space!

Your front porch can say a lot about your home…let’s make it as welcoming and cozy as possible! Regardless of the space…or lack of….that you may be working with, there are several ways to change things up!

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

The easiest way to spruce up your front porch is by adding a simple wreath. If you don’t want to go too crazy, you can keep it minimal with a Magnolia leaf or Boxwood wreath. Next up, add a simple door mat. The current trend is to layer your mats – especially with a buffalo plaid at the bottom.

There are several plants that work great for the shade of a front porch. Southern Living has a great list with over 30 options for plants that thrive in Texas shade including Pansies, Petunias, Elephant’s Ear, Caladiums, Impatiens, and a Creeping Fig plant just to name a few.

Pick an arrangement of plants and add them to a big planter, or add several different pots of at different heights to add some dimension.

If you have a black thumb, don’t be afraid to go artificial either! There’s no shame. Wax plants are all the rage, and the best part, no watering! With this route you can pick literally any kind of plant you want and sleep well at night knowing it will never die.

These three simple steps will take your front porch to a new level in no time.

Room for Seating

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a big enough front porch for furniture, then you have to go all out, right?

Patio table, chairs, maybe a swing? These are not only a fun touch to the porch but they make a huge difference in the “homey” feel we all want when we pull into our driveway. Homes and Gardens has some great tips for arranging furniture on your front porch:

– Use a ring of arm chairs with a small center table to create conversation

– If space allows, create symmetry by using the same set up on either side of your porch

– Rocking chairs with added cousins for smaller porches

– Wicker or Bamboo furniture with clean lines, cushions and throw pillows

– Hang a porch swing or day bed for larger porches

– Adirondack chairs for a Beach, Cabin or Craftsman-style home

– Add a welcoming dining table if you have the space!

Keep it Clean

No matter how much beautiful furniture you buy, or how often you change out your wreath, the most important aspect of a welcoming front porch is keeping it free from piles of leaves and debris. Once a week sweep it off and dust any spider webs that may have appeared.

If you have furniture, be sure to have a regular cleaning schedule for that as well. There’s nothing worse than having guest come over and realizing you can’t use your furniture because it’s covered in a layer of our wonderful Texas pollen!

You may have heard the wives tale that painting your porch ceiling a shade of light blue will keep the birds and bugs away…and unfortunately Taste of Home debunked the myth. The tradition of a blue porch ceiling actually dates back over 200 years ago when people would follow the practice to keep evil spirits away. So it may not help keep your porch clean, but if you want to do whatever you can to keep the bad juju away then go for it!

Home Sweet Home

Our homes should make us feel welcome and relaxed. Creating a cozy space to welcome you back home after a long day, or the perfect spot for your morning coffee and newspaper will not only add to the curb appeal of your home, but it will make everything that much better.

What are some ways you add that special touch to your front porch? Let us know in the comments!

And always feel free to stop by our front porch in Round Top. We have the perfect rocking chairs calling your name!

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