Winter Home Trends

Winter Home Trends

Home is where the heart is….especially this time of year! With all of the hustle and bustle going on, being able to retire in the evening in your own cozy home is just what the doctor ordered.

If you’ve browsed social media or Pinterest at all lately, you’ve probably seen some of the more popular winter home trends. Decorators and influencers are really leaning into the more natural and minimalistic approach when it comes to decorating their homes and we’re all for it!

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Natural Wood

Move over barn wood, light pine is moving in.

Choosing a lighter, more natural wood color for either the floor or cabinetry can help elevate your home and instantly make your home feel chicer in an instant. It will brighten up the room and give you a lighter and cleaner feel…until you let your family come back inside anyways.

It can help allude to a larger, brighter feel in your space and – more importantly – is a timeless design decision.

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House Plants

If you are looking to add one more thing to your to-do list (kidding…kind of), it’s time to add watering plants! House plants are making a huge resurgence and it’s not just in Grandma’s living room…

Aside from their beautiful green colors, there are also several health benefits to filling the home with greenery.

Spider plants help absorb indoor humidity (hello, Texas!), ferns and ivy are known for their air-purification abilities, and aloe plants are great to keep on hand for first aid.


If you lived through the 80s you might shudder at the thought, but wallpaper is all the rage right now. Maybe not the top border wallpaper like years past, but definitely a statement wall!

A bold print for the powder room, a soothing pastel for the primary bedroom, or maybe a fun design for the kid’s room – there are so many designs and styles to choose from! And you know it’s a hit when Gucci is on board.

Love it or hate it, wallpaper is BACK, BABY.


For the past few years flat white paint colors have been all the rage. A few that grew in popularity are Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Benjamin Moore Simply White, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, and Sherwin Williams Pure White.

While things aren’t getting too crazy, decorators are tending to stray from the stark white and lean into more of a cozy cream or neutral paint color for large spaces in the home like living areas and primary bedrooms.

Bold Kitchens

While things are staying pretty chill for walls, the cabinets are getting a little funky in winter home trends! Bold, dark colors on lower cabinets and islands are the newest way to make a statement.

Believe it or not, BLACK is one of the go-to cabinetry colors right now. Add in some beautiful gold hardware, and you’re on your way to #kitchengoals.

If you aren’t sure you want to commit to black paint, take a look at a crisp navy, deep green, or maybe even a fun turquoise if you are looking for that shabby-chic feel.


Embracing Winter Home Trends

So, the question is do you jump on the winter-home-trends-train or stick it out until the next batch rolls in? Whatever you decide, just be sure that you love it! Your home should be just the way you want it, regardless of what the current designers may say.

If you are looking for more home ideas, check out our listings! We have several beautiful homes and ranches listed that are full of wonderful ideas for a beautiful home!

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